* Steam  Boilers :

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High Pressure Steam Boiler  , Three Pass, fire-tube type  ,  Liquid and gas fuel fired

  • Steam production capacity from 0.5 t / h to 30 t / h
  • Operation pressure from 6 bar to 16 bar
  • Computer aided design in compliance with CE pressure equipments directives and European standards (EN)
  • Optimum water-vapor volume ratio and suitable for heavy duty conditions and peak steam demand
  • High heating dry surface with more steam
  • Low Nox and perfect combustion by means of low combustion chamber load (<1,3 MW/m3)
  • Wet-back design provides maximum benefit from heat transfer area
  • Better combustion due to low back pressure
  • Boiler efficiency up to 91% and up to 95% with economizer
  • Ease of installition and maintenance by means of walking platform on top of the boiler
  • Tube change by means of tubes welded to tube-sheet
  • CE certified with 97/23/EEC Preesried Equipment Directive
  • Design in compliance with TS 377 EN 12953
  • 2 (seperate) drain nozzles at rear smoke box
  • Modulare, extendable boiler platform
  • Thanks to design and engineering methods, the clearance between smoke tubes, smoke tubes - combustion chamber and smoke tubes – body have been maximized, hence high operation safety and long service life has been achieved. Manhole and openings, front and rear smoke boxes make easy access to all boiler parts and maintanence.
  • Steam production capacity 1 – 30 t/h. High quality and stable, dry steam production thanks to low spefic combustion chamber load and big steam volume. 



* Hot Water  Boilers :


Advanced Technology, Small Size, High Efficiency



  • Combination of high technology and superior workmanship.
  • Long life, compact design, high capacity to size ratio
  • Suitable for use of Natural Gas, LPG, Light Oil and Heavy Oil as fuel
  • Special design to minimize the effects of sediments and scaling on waterside
  • Well-distributed expansion pattern due to balanced heat absorption within the boiler
  • Also transportable in modular configuration for site assembly, for boiler rooms with narrow passages.



* Thermal oil Boilers :

 used in asphalt, cement and grille Factory.



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Newrecord Established in 1992, Newrecord, Inc. for supplying, installing and maintenance for steam boilers, hot water boilers,Diathermic Oil Boilers burners (Natural Gas & Light oil) and chemical pumps for all the types of services for industrial and food industries, the pharmaceutical, swimming pools, hotels and hospitals.

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